There has been a compartmentalization between faith and health in Western influenced churches, health institutions and communities. How can we overcome this?

Change needs to begin first in our mindset, theology and worldview . This in turn will determine a transformation of  our ministry to and care of persons, families, institutions and communities.


We need change agents  for a “TOTAL GOSPEL FOR THE TOTAL PERSON”  or The Good News to all of Christ’salvation of the Whole Persons.

This Gospel brings lifestyle change, healing and wellness for body, mind, relationships, and our natural environment, as well as to our spirits. This needs to be both shared and lived in our faith communities.


This weblog is for  “fellow -travelers” on the road of integrating faith and health  in our churches, professions, communities, families or personal search for healing and wellness. It focuses especially on the role of the local congregation in Whole Person Healing Ministry. The content includes the following:

  • Reflections on the biblical basis for the Church’s Healing Ministry
  • Ideas about how each member can become involved
  • Suggestions about practical possibilities for congregations
  • Online articles, booklets and manuals about how to start a Ministry in the local church
  • Sharing of examples of best practices of congregation-based  healing ministries
  • Providing suggestions with regard to accessing further written and audiovisual information as well as website links.

Here we can seek to share insights and inspiration and encourage one another in the journey of becoming change agents for Whole Person Health Ministry. Let us do this as we share our comments, questions and experiences as part of a running dialogue.


What are the issues and struggles that we experience in seeking to promote, develop and live out an integrative perspective of  Wholistic Church Ministry, Whole Person Healthcare and healthy lifestyles?

What has worked in some measure?

What can congregations or healthcare institutions do?

This is what we will be discussing.


Let us become change agents for the TOTAL GOSPEL:

  • Total Healing” for the Whole Person through Medicines, Men and Women and Miracles
  • Every church member becoming a healthy lifestyle promoter and prayer partner– for self and others
  • Every congregation having a Whole Person Healing Ministry
  • Every health institution integrating faith and health

So that all can : live better, live longer, live eternally!

“We are not alone; we are our brothers’ and sisters’ keepers for wellness”

Promoting: Healing Communities  for each other, Compassion for the vulnerable  and Courage for the voiceless


Untitled         Weblog set up by:

        Dr. E Anthony Allen MBBS, MDiv, MRCPsych

        Consultant Psychiatrist

       Consultant and advocate for Whole Person Wellness and Church-based Health  Ministries

… and the rest of the team from Whole Person Growth Facility


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